Plug-in power supply for the Commodore 1541-II


This is a plug-in power supply for the Commodore 1541-II floppy disk drive. It's a bit of a spin-off of my 250466+ board as I re-used the overvoltage protection circuit and 5V creation from this project and put in on a small PCB that can be plugged directly into the power supply connector of a 1541-II. As for the 250466+ board, there is only a 12V DC power supply needed.



As this is a direct copy of the circuit used in the 250466+ board, it's also based on through-hole components. Then again, using SMD components would not have saved much space anyway.
The schematic is taken 1:1 from the 250466+ board:

The reverse current protection is realized through the body diode of the N-FET Q1 and the FUSE F1.
The over-voltage protection is implemented using a voltage reference TLE431 and a comparator TLC3702 (with push/pull output) which triggers the FET to blow the fuse. There is a 15V Zener diode in the supply of the comparator to protect both, the comparator and the FET's gate from higher voltages.

If the voltage rises above ~13.3V, the output of the comparator jumps from ground to its supply voltage. This triggers the FET which creates a deliberate short circuit to ground to blow the fuse.


I designed a 3D printed case with FreeCAD that consists of two parts held together using self tapping M2 screws.


The FreeCAD design files and STL files can be found in the repository.

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