Mini Arcade Stick

A miniature arcade joystick with USB and Bluetooth support.


When I worked on my bigger Arcade Stick, the idea came up to have a miniature version of this as well. Actually, I was so obsessed with this idea that I stopped working on the bigger stick for quite a while to work on the miniature version. Since I wanted to make the stick as compact as possible, I dropped the analog channels and OLED display and decided to use 8 SMD pushbutton switches for the buttons. I kept the LiPo charger and the Bluetooth module of course.


The main problem though was to create a usable microswitch joystick. I toyed with several ideas but settled for a ball bearing solution with a 3D printed bearing and a metal ball screwed to the joystick shaft (which is actually an M4 screw). There is a 3D printed disc screwed to the shaft which pressed down the flat SMD switches. The bearing and outer shell are 3D printed, the top and bottom panel are cut from 2mm acrylic.

MiniArcadeStick CADMiniArcadeStick CAD without PCB

The fully assembled stick looks like this (the bluetooth module and LiPo battery are not visibile as they are mounted below the PCB):

Mini Arcadestick

I don't want to conceal that there are some issues with this design that I would reconsider if I'd ever rework the design:


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