Obsolete AVR Stuff

What was this all about ???

In early 1999, I began some private projects with Atmels AVR risc controllers and looked for a free C compiler. That's how I stumbled across AVR-GCC in spring of 1999, when only the source code for Linux was available. At that time, I decided to port the compiler to windows myself and between april and september of 1999 I released several binary distributions and example programs on my former page called "Atmel for D*mmies". However, the unexpected feedback my site and distribution got, also had its drawbacks. I had to answer so many emails about AVR-GCC that I didn't have the time to work neither on the port nor on my own projects. Finally, all my enthusiasm to keep up with my port had gone. Fortunately, Michael Rickmann continued where I left and ported newer compiler release using a cross compiler running on linux. This was far less work than porting on a Windows machine and also created smaller executables.  Thanks to Michael's work, I decided to release another binary distribution for beginners and (less) advanced users who were interested in an "as easy as possible" solution to get AVR-GCC working.
However in summer of 2000, I did the last update to this page, which was online a little longer, until I got some mail from the publisher of the "for D*mmies" books which more or less forced me to either take the site down or at least rename it. At this time I felt it was not needed anymore, so I removed it.
Since I recently found out that most people still find my page over the old "8bit.at/avr" link, I decided to put part of if back online to show them they were not intentially mislead.
Please note however that the info on this site is pretty obsolete. That's why I also removed my old 32bit port and hints how to set up the compiler and whatever.
Instead,  I suggest you try the following links:

WinAVR - A suite of executable, open source software development tools for the Atmel AVR series
AVR Edit  - An IDE for AVRGCC
AVRFreaks - These guys host a lot of AVR stuff and also a forum
Note however I'm not involved in any of these projects and can't and won't answer any questions about them. Though my makefiles and test files were at least sor some years distributed in these projects, this was without my attendance. So probably my projects and test files won't work at all with WinAVR or new versions of AVRGCC. If so, I'm sorry, but I can't help, since if I get back to AVR stuff from time to time I still use my old distribution from 2000.

Some test code


The only project that ever made it to a state that could be of some use to other folks:
  1. read the time from a DCF-77 module
  2. control an ASCII LCD display
Note: the GCC test files an also my projects file include makefiles, so with my old distribution, you could just change to the directoy and type "make". However, for this to work, the following environment variables have to be set:
With these changes, the makefiles should run in theory, however I dunno, since I never tried.


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