License Information

This is a spare time project I did without any commercial interest.
All the parts that I did on my own are released under the Creative Commons CC-BY license.

Creative Commons License

In a nutshell this means that you can do share, modify and use everything released under this license even for commercial projects.
You just need to give me appropriate credit, indicate what changes you made and agree not to try to force a more restrictive license on my work.
See the CC BY license for details.

Regarding the hardware part (schematic, layout, front plates etc.) I'm not aware that I used anybody else's work.
So everything there is released under the CC-BY license.

Regarding the Java GUI, the only external resources I used are

The actual source code of the GUI however is released under the CC-BY license. All source code files should contain according license information in their header.

The secondary USB bootloader is based on the application note AN10866: LPC1700 secondary USB bootloader by NXP and the according demo code by NGX.
I only changed minor things to get it compiled under a recent version of the free ("Lite") version of Keil ÁVision. I also applied some bugfix for stack pointer initialization, renamed things like the partition name of the virtual filesystem and changed the boot pin to P2.11 (push button of the rotary encoder).
The source code contains copyright information of Arm, Keil and NXP which I left untouched.
My understanding is that there is no specific restriction on usage or distribution of the (modified) source code.
Anyway, I don't claim any copyright on the USB bootloader source code, just provide it for the sake of completeness and ask you to consider and retain all the copyright information provided in the source code and application note.

The  ÁC software (NGen_Core) is written by me, but contains some parts (startup, register definitions, USB driver) that were provided by the IDE CooCox CoIDE.
Please look at the header of each source code file for detail information. Some source code files contain copyright information of Arm, Keil or Coocox which I left untouched.
I did change some of these files as well to apply bugfixes, improvements or project specific changes. This doesn't main that I claim copyright for these files.
All files written by me contain according authorship and license information. In case I did just changes to an existing file, I left the original copyright information intact.

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