All files related to this project can be found in the BitBucket repository

There are three branches in the repository: Software, Hardware and Documentation.


NGen USB - The Java GUI
The the JAR contains icons in all typical sizes (if your ZIP tool doesn't support it directly, rename it to *.ZIP temporarily to extract the icons).
Obviously, you will need a Java runtime to use it. Java 7 is recommended, but Java 6 will also work.
The GUI should run on Windows, MacOS and Linux. It was only tested under Windows 7 though.

NGen firmware in binary format
To update the device, switch it off and switch it on with the rotary button pushed down. It will then connect as USB drive "BOOT LOADER" to your PC.
Erase the (virtual) file "firmware.bin", then copy the new bin to the drive (needs just a second or so). Switch off and on again to use the new firmware.

USB bootloader in hex format
Programming the boot loader should only be needed once with a freshly built device. See NGen Reprogramming.html.
All downloads are available from the download section of the repository.

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